Gastronomy, Wine cellar, Distillery in Brittany

    Cellars and Distillery
    Pierce the secret of wines and of their development by visiting cellars and distillery. Leave on men's meeting loving their lands and their grapevines which will make you share their passion and their know-how.
5 in Brittany.
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Wine cellar, Distillery in Lannilis

Les Caves Maison Vini - Dom

LEGAY DAVID 10 rue de la roche 29870 Lannilis (Finistère)
Phone : 02 98 04 17 63
Selection of wines,whiskies,beers and alcohols.
delicatessen,goodies,tea,sugared almonds.....

Wine cellar, Distillery in Quimper

Distillerie Artisanale du Plessis

Hervé Seznec 77 chemin du Quinquis 29000 Quimper (Finistère)
Phone : 02 98 90 75 64  - Fax : 02 98 53 24 64
Distillateur loquoriste, Hervé Seznec perpétue avec passion la tradition ancestrale bretonne du bouilleur de cru dans sa Distillerie située chemin du Quinquis, à proximité de la Cidrerie Manoir ...

Wine cellar, Distillery in Plougrescant

Cave 22 sur vins

Mme Chauvin Karine Le Squillio, Hent pen feunten 22820 Plougrescant (Côtes d'Armor)
Phone : 02 96 92 56 10  - Mobile phone : 06 62 88 28 33
22 sur vins, spécialiste dans la vente de vins et champagnes à Plougrescant en Bretagne.
Organise des réunions-dégustations à votre domicile : le privilège de déguster avant d' ...

Wine cellar, Distillery in Ploudaniel

Les Caves Vini- Dom

LEGAY DAVID Z-A de Mescoden 29260 Ploudaniel (Finistère)
Phone : 02 98 83 75 54
Cellar has Wine - Delicatessen wines of Property Fountain with wines Fine Chocolats-Dragées grocer's shop of Céremonies and dragees news(short stories) Presents stocked personalized Baskets Cellar ...
picture of Cidrerie Manoir du Kinkiz
  • Low season of 0.5€ to 1€

Wine cellar, Distillery in Quimper

Cidrerie Manoir du Kinkiz

Hervé Seznec 75 chemin du Quinquis 29000 Quimper (Finistère)
Phone : 02 98 90 20 57  - Fax : 02 98 90 81 54
I welcome you to the Manoir du Kinkiz where, for generations, my family has been making our own distinctive traditional ciders.
Visit our cellars which are unique in Brittany.
Tasting, direct sales.
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